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“I fully recommend Dan for providing the best insurance services to his clients.”

Jessica Caldwell, Administrator

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan Reale for over 15 years in my capacity as a former CEO for Orlando Heart Center and through my affiliation with the Florida Medical Group Management Association (FL-MGMA).  When our 24-man cardiology practice was merging with Orlando Health, Dan helped us to greatly reduce our tail insurance premium by over 30% – and we kept the same tail policy without any loss of coverage.  I trust Dan to be an experienced, independent agent who cares about providing the best insurance products and services for his clients. I unconditionally give Dan my highest recommendation!

Dorothea Wynne

Practice Administrator, Women’s Care Florida

I first met Dan Reale, who became my insurance agent, in person when I moved to Florida over ten years ago.  I had a severe sports personal injury at the time. Dan recommended insurance options that would help improve my insurance during my recovery.  We continued to meet over four years when my insurance was fully restored with great premium savings.  I sincerely recommend Dan for being a caring and professional insurance agent. Most importantly, Dan takes pride in providing the best service to his clients.

Ron Joseph, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dan Reale is my independent agent who provided top-rated malpractice insurance for our primary practice.  The policy provides unique benefits for a discounted premium rate that I have maintained for over several years.  Dan visited our facility and provided a valuable “lunch-n-learn” risk management program for our staff.  I later required a medical directorship policy that Dan provided as well.  I highly recommend Dan for his insurance experience and services that he provides to medical professionals.

Edward S. McIntyre, M.D.

High Springs Medical Center

I can give Dan Reale at Aviso Insurance my highest recommendation. In my position as an Administrator for a large OBGYN practice in Florida, I have worked with Dan for several years. He is always responsive and highly knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Our group needed to change our professional liability when we first met, and Dan has always given us excellent options to choose from the start as well as helping to save us over 20% in premium costs. His background as a litigation manager also helped to provide confidence within our organization. He was greatly beneficial to one of our physicians that needed assistance in navigating the strain of a malpractice claim. He was also a highly effective liaison for our practice with our malpractice carrier. Dan’s experience is unmatched by any other agent in my experience.

Denise Moore

Practice Administrator, Physicians To Women

I became acquainted with Dan Reale professionally over 10 years ago through the Bones Society of Florida.  He provided professional insurance services to medical practices. Dan helped to develop and manage a risk purchasing program for the Florida Orthopaedic and Bones Societies at his former agency. He participated in our annual conferences for many years in addition to supporting the Florida Medical Group Managers Association (FL-MGMA).  Our professional affiliation developed into a treasured friendship. I fully recommend Dan for providing the best insurance services to his clients.

Jessica Caldwell, MPH, CPC, BMO

Administrator, Orthopaedic & Reconstructive Spine Specialty