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Purchasing Malpractice Insurance – Avoid Costly Premium Mistakes 

Determine coverage limit options; whether to secure separate or shared coverage limits; and how these options will affect my premium cost.

Determine if retroactive coverage can replace the need to buy expensive tail insurance.  An employment contract will often determine your options, while a new employer may be willing to negotiate these terms.  If purchasing a tail policy can be avoided, then you can greatly reduce your overall premium cost.

Compare the insurer’s financial strength and success record for defending physicians.

Consider the range of coverage and benefits offered between insurers and compare them with your practice goals.

An Independent Agent will assist you to consider all your options and can shop with many insurers.  A captive agent is limited to a single insurer that cannot compare or recommend other options available in the overall insurance marketplace.

Aviso Insurance is an independent agency that works for YOU, the medical expert. We have access to nearly all the medical malpractice insurance markets to serve you.

“At Aviso Insurance, we are proud to serve the many heroic professionals in our healthcare community.”

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