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Closing Coverage Gaps – Series 3

“Malpractice Coverage  – Adding Value”

Many physicians may not be aware of the importance and relatively low cost to purchase separate entity coverage for their organization (entity). Securing separate coverage limits for the entity is certainly a great value for a reasonable premium cost. Increasing the physician’s coverage limits will result in a higher premium charge than purchasing a separate limit for the entity.

Separate coverage limits will broaden the scope of malpractice coverage. Get more coverage for lower premium charges. Separate entity coverage can stack on the physician’s limit and help to overcome a “worst-case” claim scenario. Entity coverage will also protect the physician from a “back office” type claim that may be caused by an employee. Some malpractice insurers may cover nurse practitioners for no extra premium charge.

Important Tip: Roughly 33% of all malpractice claims arise from “back office” type incidents. Separate entity coverage reduces the physician’s risk of losing loss-free credits and having a reported claim with the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). Some insurers will also include coverage for nurse practitioners at no additional premium charge.

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