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Press Release:
Maximizing Cyber Insurance Benefits For Medical Practices

Articles by Aviso Insurance are typically educational-based. However, this cyber recovery program is worth the attention of every medical practice. A top cyber insurer since 1986 provides the BEST recovery services for the lowest premium cost.

$1m cyber limits for the low annual premium cost of $500.00 per Physician, $250.00 per part-time Physician, and $175.00 per full-time NP/PA.

  • A cyber program that provides FREE cyber loss prevention services, or breach response limits that are in addition to the policy aggregate limits.
  • Increasing severity in Ransomware calls for layered cyber defenses.
  • Methods to stop Ransomware Crimes at every stage.
  • Cyber extortion often includes a threat to release stolen patient records or data.
  • Medical practices need to make it hard for cybercriminals at every step.
  • Immediate access to a dedicated team of recovery experts whenever a cyber breach occurs.

See a direct link to the Press Release and Insights from this cyber insurer about how to reduce the risk and then how to recover from an unfortunate cyber breach:


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